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Going Home

Home is where the heart is.  Well, then I’m not sure where “home” is today.

I’m sitting in the airport in Philadelphia, waiting to board the 2nd leg of my trip to Texas, to spend some time with Mom and see some old friends.  I haven’t been back to Texas since January. This years seems to have been so long, and at the same time it seems like yesterday that I got the call that Dad wasn’t breathing and that the paramedics were at their house. Will it ever really be “real” to me?

As I was packing early this morning, I stepped outside and felt a chill in the air.  It’s typically warmer in Texas this time of year, so I hadn’t packed a jacket.  Lisa asked me if I needed a coat, and I replied without hesitation, “I’ll just borrow one from Dad if I need one”.  Wow.  Those words came out so easily.  Then I could actually sense his smell when he would give me a big hug.  Totally weird, sad, cool…all at the same time.  Still missing you, Rupert.  I know we all are.  I am also looking forward to seeing Mom, giving her a big hug and just hanging out together.  Who knows, we might go visit a couple of Pawn Shops in your memory, Dad…haha.

So, I’m heading “home”, even though I’ve been gone to Virginia for now over 3 years.  In truth, no place here on Earth is my home it seems.  And I’m okay with that. Gotta quit typing and board the plane…

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