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With the feast of Thanksgiving barely a day ago, I felt the need to stop for a minute and reflect on my life and what I am truly thankful for (now that I’ve recovered from overindulging in turkey and sweet potato casserole and lived to watch the Cowboys eek out another victory at the last second). In the depths of busyness and the hectic nature of the Christmas season, it’s easy for me to just plow through days and weeks at a time without pausing to appreciate all the “good” that is going on around me, along with the blessings that I have been so graciously given.

I’ll start with my family. I seriously couldn’t come up with a better family than the one I get to call my own. They are all so amazing. My wife, Lisa, is such a blessing. She has been so supportive of me in every area of my life for as long as I can remember. She handles all the responsibilities of being a “single parent” during the super busy seasons of ministry like Christmas and Easter, and never complains. She prays for me all the time and is the one person I feel like I can truly rely on to “have my back”. I don’t tell her enough what she means to me, but I am so blessed by God to have known her for over half my life. The best thing she’s ever done for me is be the mother of my three precious children.

There isn’t a Dad in the world who is more loved than me. I’m not saying I deserve it, but I soak it in for sure. My three babies (well, they’re not babies anymore really) are all so completely unique and special and all are so loving and passionate about life. Parker, Chloe and Marshall all deeply impact my life in ways they’ll never know. What a blessing to be loved in as close to an unconditional way as I’ll ever see this side of Heaven. God is constantly teaching me through them even though they have no clue. I consider it an honor to their father.

These are just a few things in my life I have to be thankful for. Thank you, God…for blessing me with such a great family who loves and supports me.

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