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too short

Even though I’m 6’2 now,  I can vividly remember a time when I was always too short: too short to reach the pedals on my bike, too short to reach the kitchen sink, too short to ride the Shock Wave roller coaster at Six Flags. Man, how I wished I could just be a little bit bigger – then everything would be great.

Fast-forward 30 years…my youngest child, Marshall is at this exact stage.  Just a week ago, we visited Six Flags America for the first time. It was also the first time that he hasn’t been too short for all the rides.  Standing up as straight as he could (with shoes on, mind you) he was right at 48″, which means he can ride almost anything in the park…and he did. Mom was more than a little bit nervous watching him on the Tower of Doom, but he loved it. I loved it. I love the fact that he can ride all the rides with me now.  But it also reminded me of the sobering fact that babies grow up.

We threw a party when we were able to save the 2nd mortgage payment every month on diapers.  It was so awesome when each one of our children learned how to talk and communicate how the felt with actual words.  But isn’t it funny how we long for what we don’t have.  I miss the afternoon naps with a child drooling on my neck – hearing the gentle breathing as they rested in daddy’s arms. This fall, all three will be in school. Before I know it, they’ll be in college.

Now, I’m older, taller (and balder). Now, I realize that life is what’s too short. God, help us number our days rightly so that we might glorify You with each and every one of them. Life is short. Blink and it’s over. Enjoy today. Enjoy your work. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your spouse. Enjoy this brief time you have here on Earth, because you don’t want to get to the end of your life and realize then  how short it really is.

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This past year has been a difficult one for me and my family. After leaving Texas (and all our family), moving to the East Coast and living among  a bunch of Redskins fans, we have also had quite the ride regarding our housing situation. 

We had planned to buy a house this summer, so we rented short-term. Then we found out that we can’t buy, due to a previous short-sale we had to endure, and thus we have been searching like crazy for the past couple of months for our next place to live. Through it all, though, I have learned quite a bit.

First, lenders aren’t fun to deal with. Second, a deal isn’t “done” until you actually have the keys in your hand.  Third, in the big scheme of things, it’s just a house. It isn’t a home – far from it! My home is anywhere with my wife and children. I’ve realized that we could probably live about anywhere.  As long as we are all together, we can make it work. I think the same is true in our lives in general. As long as our relationship with God is solid, we can make it through anything. When we place too much emphasis on the peripheral things in life, we get out of whack.

Although I still don’t know where I’ll be living in 6 weeks, I am actually pretty okay with it. I know God has it all under control. I just wish He’d let me in on His plans sooner, rather than later.

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Well, it only took a year for me to make my 2nd post on this blog. Of course, in my defense, my life one year ago was very different from today.

A year ago today, I had just found out that my friend and executive pastor at the church I served in was leaving, to be followed very quickly by the resignation of the sr. pastor. I already knew I was going to be moving, but had no idea where. Since that time, I have moved 1,500 miles from Texas – and did it by myself. This was the first and hopefully last time I’ll ever have to live apart from my family.  Lisa and the kiddos followed close to Christmas. In the past year, I have turned 40 (I’m still younger than Lisa, though).

I’ve sold a house, lived with folks, rented a house, looked at 50+ houses to buy, found out I can’t buy a house, and am currently looking for a new house to rent. I’ve embarked on a total remodel of our church’s current worship center, including acoustics, seating, audio, video, paint, etc. So, I guess I have a few legit excuses. But now the time to be committed to this blog begins.

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